"Frida, mírate”. ‘Frida, contémplate”.

Feeling sorry for anyone on this bus who doesn’t have headphones to drown out this fat bitch talking at max volume to her equally fat friend.”

This was a status written by someone I’m friends with on Facebook. It’s really, really fucking disheartening to learn that people can be like this towards someone they don’t know the first thing about, and imply that they’re a bad person, that the way they look is part of that. That it’s okay to insult them. Like looking, or not looking, a certain way makes them less of a person automatically. It’s even more horrible to see people, that you respected, like that status—as if they condone being derogatory towards a physical aspect of someone they haven’t been anywhere near. 

a.) weight is not something that anyone has the authority to shame someone about. Especially if they don’t know this person. 
b.) it’s not okay to immediately make correlations between ‘fat’ and something that they consider negative. Fat isn’t bad. Skinny isn’t bad. Bodies are fine. For God’s sake, celebrate the fact that we’re all different. The ‘fat bitch’ and her ‘equally fat friend’ are people, and are valued by others who love them, and aren’t shallow enough to insult something that isn’t a part of their character.
c.) maybe consider being more negative towards people who are rude, inconsiderate or selfish, and be negative about those qualities alone. Not their weight.

If they felt that strongly about this woman talking loudly, then the solution would have been to politely ask to lower the volume of her voice. 
This is so, so disappointing.


A kitten aboard a floating Victoria water lily pad in the Philippines, 1935.Photograph by Alfred T. Palmer, National Geographic Creative
"'D’you know what happens when you hurt people?' Ammu said. 'When you hurt people, they begin to love you less. That’s what careless words do. They make people love you a little less.'"
— Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things  (via god-ghost)

I frequently listen to myself and think, ‘fuck. I’m such a dick.’
I say fucking stupid shit, often, and I immediately wish I wasn’t such a goddamn idiot/offensive/horrible person in general. It shouldn’t take much cognitive effort to not be a bad human? But evidently I struggle? I need to work on not being the type of person I typically find completely abhorrent. 


Diane Arbus, Clouds on Screen at a Drive-In Movie, N.J., 1960
"We do not use the terms ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal.’ All societies are rational and irrational at the same time. They are perforce rational in their mechanisms, their cogs and wheels, their connecting systems, and even by the place they assign to the irrational. Yet all this presupposes codes or axioms which are not the products of chance, but which are not intrinsically rational either. It’s like theology: everything about it is rational if you accept sin, immaculate conception, incarnation. Reason is always a region cut out of the irrational - not sheltered from the irrational at all, but a region traversed by the irrational and defined only by a certain type of relation between irrational factors. Underneath all reason lies delirium, drift."
— Gilles Deleuze, (Chaosophy, by Félix Guattari)


New York (girls in fairy costumes reading), 1938. André Kertész (Hungarian, 1894-1985).
Kertész's photographs embraced several cultures and variety of aesthetic impulses. Kertész documented, reported and interpreted but perhaps most significantly, he turned observation into poetry.

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